Ever wonder why literary agents are so picky when you’ve done everything right?  That’s where I come in.

My name is Caren Johnson Estesen and I am a former New York literary agent who launched the career of hundreds of authors. I retired from agenting so that I could focus on working one-on-one with authors who are passionate about developing their writing ability.

I know first-hand what literary agents are looking for, how to get their attention and what you need to do to make them chase after you instead of you chasing after them. The first thing to do is get your manuscript right.

I’m now offering a monthly coaching program. I provide customized feedback on your manuscript as you write it and/or revise it–as well as guidance on making yourself more marketable to agents and publishers.

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Coaching Services

Coaching Services are billed monthly and include:

Weekly email check-in

One 30 minute phone call (Gold plan includes 2 phone calls)

I also offer proofreading services. Contact me for rates.



Looking for guidance as you write your book? This is your best option. Send me up to 50 pages per month (I’ll read within 3 days of receiving) and we’ll discuss what works and what needs work. You’ll get real-time feedback to use as you write the rest of your novel.



Have a working manuscript that you’re looking to workshop or polish? This is a great option. Send me 50-100 pages per month (I’ll read within 5 days of receiving) and we’ll discuss what works and what needs work. I’ll also ask for revisions to be resubmitted for additional feedback.



Looking for a bootcamp experience for revising your manuscript? This is the perfect option for you (though not for the faint of heart). Send me 150 pages per month (I’ll read within 7 days of receiving) and we’ll discuss what works and what doesn’t work. You’ll rewrite the manuscript with the goal of preparing it to send an agent or editor. You’ll get extra support with two calls each month, instead of one.


Books I’ve Worked On

Here’s a selection of books I’ve agented, edited and otherwise worked on.



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